Australia - Electronic Travel Authority

    When booking a holiday, it is important to know what travel documents are required when visiting a foreign country.

    A valid passport is required when travelling outside Canada.

    It is also important to note that often, your passport must have a validity of 180 days beyond your return date.

    (Map and Flag of Australia)

    Entry Requirements for Australia

    Canadians traveling to Australia for leisure tourism must be in possession of an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) prior to arriving in Australia.

    In order to process an Electronic Travel Authority, the detail page of your passport and credit card authorisation form is required.

    Surf and Safari is able to issue an ETA for leisure travellers.

    Cost: 25.00* plus GST

    For more information about travel to Australia,

    please contact Linda Loewen - Aussie Specialist

    * Fee is waived for travelers booking air and land arrangements in Australia.

    Travel Links

    Official Government of Canada travel information can be found HERE.

    For more information about obtaining a Canadian passport, please click HERE.

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