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    The Most Unique Travel Experience on the Planet. Period! Auction Date: Midnight tonight Feb 25th to noon Feb 28th EST (GMT-5)

    The most unique travel experience on the planet.  Period.

    Truly a Once in a Lifetime Experience

    Are you an extreme explorer?

    Dare to venture into the depths of the sea!

    The 2 day online auction begins on 11:59 pm EST (GMT - 5) February 25th, 2020

    and ends at 12:00 noon EST (GMT - 5) February 28th, 2020

    You have a chance to bid on the most unique travel experience on the planet! In partnership with Nekton, Kensington Tours is offering one intrepid explorer the chance to go where no human has gone before: deep into the uncharted reaches of the Indian Ocean in a state-of-the-art submersible.

    Be among the first to descent down to 3,000 meters, discover new species and make history.

    “First Descent: Midnight Zone”, exploring earth’s last frontier will be paired with a luxury 10 day trip to the tropical Maldives. The itinerary features private dives, snorkeling, dolphin encounters, two five-star resorts, over-the-water villa, exclusive access to a working marine-science vessel and the submersible dive for one with live broadcast to family or friends.

    Must be scuba certified to participate in scuba activities. Alternate activities available for non-divers.
    Weight restriction in Limiting Factor, the only ocean depth sub in the world.
    Contact Linda for more details.

    This is truly a "Once in a Lifetime" experience.

    Explore the depths of the ocean! 

    Enjoy the Maldives!  

    For more information or to register as a bidder, please contact:


    Nekton is a not-for-profit research foundation committed to explore and conserve the Ocean – aiming to support the protection of at least 30% of the ocean by 2030. All proceeds will be re-invested into Nekton to support their ongoing conservation efforts.

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    * This offer is subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.