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    To envision an Island paradise, you might imagine scenes from one of the many islands in the South Pacific. The sky is painted red as the sun sets over the water. Warm ocean breezes caress your cheeks, the sound of the waves gently lapping on the shore. In the distance a mountain looms over the lagoon. Yes, this is definitely a vision of the South Pacific.

    Cook Islands

    The perfect place to slow down and relax!

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    Cook Islands - Long Stay of 12, 19, or 26 Days

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    Breathtaking and unforgettable island jewels are sprinkled through vast regions of the Pacific Ocean's azure and turquoise waters, all offering unique treasures to those who visit. Their pristine waters are home to captivating seascapes, bursting with life, and holding a world that is waiting to be discovered. Regardless of whether you choose to snorkel or scuba dive, you are sure to be graced with the presence of vibrant fish, and perhaps a gentle sea turtle, reef shark or manta ray.


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    Do you know what a Bulanaire is? You will soon find out.

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    5* Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

    The South Pacific islands are vast and countless, each with its own culture, traditions, land and seascapes. You will encounter a myriad of dialects, dive spots and delectable dishes wherever you travel, making it virtually impossible to target the island that is best for you without extensive research. However, regardless of which island you choose to visit, you can be assured a warm welcome the moment you step off your plane, giving you an immediate feeling of serenity. You may be offered anything from curry, to a Polynesian feast, to an alcoholic beverage called “grog,” and will be entertained all night long with mesmerizing dancing and enchanting stories, sure to keep you wanting more.


    Though the overwater bungalow is amazing, there is more to discover in Tahiti!

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    5 Places to Go Island Hopping in Tahiti

    And, there are many more islands to discover!

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