An Inspiring Journey Showcasing What Luxury Travel To Africa means

    Free Online Travel Presentation | Aug 5, 2020 | 21:00 EDT

    Cape to Cairo A Journey Like No Other 

    Video: Cape To Cairo A Journey Like No Other 

    Free Online Travel Presentation 

    DATE: Aug 5, 2020
    TIME: 21:00 EDT

    You are invited to a journey across the whole of the African continent.

    Join us for a special free presentation about the 30-day Journey of a Lifetime that offers travellers Cape Town to Cairo. 

    Photo: Serengeti Ballooning flying over herds

    This epic vacation transports you back to the Golden Age of Travel with an exclusive rail journey aboard the most luxurious train in the world. It also includes luxury accommodations, world-class guides and services, and life-changing encounters across nine countries. Gaze upon the majesty of Victoria Falls; see the Great Migration in the Masai Mara; come face-to-face with mountain gorillas in the rainforests of Rwanda; marvel at the ancient rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia; and explore the land of the pharaohs and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.This unforgettable African vacation has a maximum of 14 passengers, promising an intimate group-setting and journey of a lifetime! Personally escorted by Moira Smith, Goway's General Manager Africa, you are guaranteed the highest levels of care and attention.

    Photo: Male elephant in Amboseli National Park 

    Details about the event presenter and Goway.

    Your host for this presentation is Moira Smith, General Manager Goway Africa

    Q: Tell us a bit about Goway Travel and the products and services you offers.

    Since 1970, Goway Travel has been inspiring Globetrotters to discover new destinations, growing to become a leader in travel experiences covering Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America, along with idyllic islands and polar destinations around the world.

    Q: In which countries does Goway Travel offer tours to? What are key hotspots?

    Pre-COVID19, the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Dubai, were very popular.  As were Kenya, Tahiti, New Zealand and Italy. 

    Q: What types of tours does Goway Travel offer, and which types of travellers does Goway Travel cater to?

    We design trips around individual requirements, interests, and preferred style of travel and accommodation. Whilst we specialize in tailor-made itineraries, that’s not all we do. We also offer group tours, cruises, family travel, adventure touring, and much more. We carefully select and visit our travel partners in destination, ensuring the best service across the globe. On the road, our customers are protected with 24-hour emergency support. 

    Photo: Cottar's - Standard Tent

    Q: How is Goway Travel making an impact in local communities?

    In each of the areas we sell, we have key projects that we support.  For example in South Africa, we donate $20 to Project Rhino every time we sell one of our preferred lodges. 

    Q: If you had to recommend just one tour to travellers who truly want to make a positive impact on the destination they’re visiting, which tour would you recommend and why? 

    I think something like our best-selling Tanzania Sky-Safari.  

    Q: What makes Goway Travel unique?

    It’s our 50th anniversary this year, and we still remain true to our founder’s philosophies. Our specialists have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we offer, having travelled, lived, and been extensively trained in their specific regions; this means that you get expert advice from start to finish. We do everything possible to ensure the best vacation, relative to our customers interests, whilst maximizing their budget. 

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    Constantly evolving to keep ahead in one of the world’s most dynamic industries, Goway offers the utmost professionalism, with a personal touch.

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