Are you looking for an eco travel experience?

    Eco Travel options are based on 3 pillars of sustainability:

    Culture, Conservation, and Contribution


    Travel is an opportunity to learn about the culture of another country. 

    Eco Tourism includes cultural activities which showcases food, art, language and life of indigenous peoples.


    The pillar of conservation means protecting land and marine areas, plants and animals.

    for the conservation of both plants and animals.


    Eco Tourism partners ensure that guests visiting a region is an economic benefit to the community.  

    Making sure we tread softly while visiting other countries is becoming more important for many travellers!

    Hurtigruten's Hybrid Electric Expedition vessel, Roald Amundsen

    Hurtigruten is a leader in sustainable practices.  I had the opportunity to speak with Kristin Erz, Hurtigruten Sales Director Canada, about their sustainability initiatives.  You can watch the interview below.

    Eco Travel Talks on YouTube

    Linda Loewen, Surf and Safari speaks with Kristin Erz , Hurtigruten  Sales Director, Canada