Thoughtful Thursday - February 2020

Hello Surf and Safari Travel Friends

Do you want to learn something when on holidays?  If so, I have an expedition for you.  And, it's closer to home - on Vancouver Island.

Let me tell you how I came to discover this expedition.  At the turn of the decade (about 40 days ago), it was decided that, as an individual and as a company, I would select and support organisations that either work towards creating a cleaner environment or focus on animal conservation projects.  The hope is that future generations will be able to travel, see and experience the treasures of our amazing earth.

To that end, I started looking for a Canadian charity that could be supported in their efforts to deal with an issue that has long been a concern to me - plastic pollution.  A google search, and some additional research resulted in a message being sent to Plastic Oceans Canada.  Their speedy response included an opportunity show a film in my community, creating interest in planning a local event during a cross Canada fundraising run, and details of the Eco Expedition Plastic Oceans Canada is offering this summer.  

The Vancouver Island Eco Expedition includes a number of activities that ensure you enjoy the surroundings of our pristine West Coast and also learn about how we might be able to reduce plastic pollution.  It will be an amazing experience!  You will find further information below. 

At the end of January I hosted a local presentation of a short file titled "Plastic Ocean".  This film describes the effect of plastic on our oceans and life found in, on or near our oceans.  Afterwards the group discussed the topic for a greater understanding of how to reduce, reuse, recycle - wait, there are a few more - refuse, rot, re-purpose and repair.  Though some attendees thought their  effort wouldn't make a difference, I believe that cumulatively even small efforts by a number of people will have a positive impact.  

If you have any questions or would like additional information, it would be my pleasure to forward you the details.   

Plastic Oceans Eco Expedition poster

January 29th - I had the pleasure of hosting a presentation of the short film "Plastic Ocean". 

The following morning I provided a summary for Downtown Winnipeg Toastmasters.
Click HERE for the video of the Toastmasters presentation.

For more information about Plastic Oceans Canada or to donate, visit

Australia Wildfires Update

Most areas around Australia are safe to visit.  Many of the wildfires in Australia have now been extinguished or contained, which means guests are most welcome to come explore this diverse and expansive country.  In fact, visitors will play a role in the short and long term recovery by supporting the touism community.  Let's get planning your Australian holiday!
The Downunder Club of Winnipeg is hosting a fundraising Bud n Spud at Nashville's Event Centre on  Regent Ave.  Saturday, February 22, 2020. Proceeds will be sent to the Australian Red Cross. For tickets, please visit  Deadline to purchase, February 18.  
If you would like to contribute to the recovery efforts, there are many organisations collecting donations.