Adventures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rainforests and cloud forests, huge waterfalls and mighty rivers. This abundant natural setting makes it difficult to decide between the various activities it offers, which include rafting, windsurfing, diving, kayaking, recreational fishing and surfing.

Photo: La Isla Tortuga

Explore Costa Rica by land

By going along on a hike to get in touch with nature, you’ll discover impressive trails in the mountains and national parks, which will invite you to step into the beautiful remote areas of the country and appreciate majestic rivers and waterfalls. Beautiful landscapes, daring trails and lots of fun await fans of mountain biking – or explore the city on foot or by bicycle and visit its museums full of art and history. In most parts of the country, you can enjoy horseback riding, guided by an expert. You can take different paths through the forest or enjoy an experience alongside local communities while you get to know interesting towns, partaking in Costa Rican culture and cuisine. The excitement doesn’t end there. Get to know the mysterious subterranean world of caverns while caving, allowing you to experience beauty from another perspective and enjoy an unusual adventure, which is also a bit more risky.

Photo: Costa Rica

From high above

Venture onto impressive suspension bridges, where the whole family will be able to better appreciate the river landscapes from up close, the canopy of the forest, the sensation of the depths of nature, and learn how life works in the treetops. If you prefer adventures involving ropes, you’ll find a place in Costa Rica to take on these extraordinary challenges. Among the different types of rope-based adventures on offer is rappel, an activity where you will descend from the top of a tree, waterfalls, rocks or rock formations, to the ground. All you need is comfortable clothes and to choose the "tour" that best meets your need for adventure. One of the activities that has made Costa Rica famous for adventure tourism is ziplining, or “canopy”, as it’s commonly called. This activity consists of being propelled by gravity at different speeds, holding onto steel cables suspended between platforms that are located in the tops of the largest trees. On the way, sometimes you have to cross river canyons, where you’ll need to hike up a mountain to continue the journey. In Costa Rica, you’ll find activities that will allow you to enjoy exciting and unforgettable moments amidst its 51,100 km2 expanse. You’ll just have to choose the kind of adventure you want to embark on and decide where you want to do it.

Photo: Suspension bridge in the rain forest cloud forest jungle.

Braving the currents

Feel the excitement of aquatic adventures in the different activities that Costa Rica offers, whether you’re among the most daring or prefer more moderate thrills. Dare to overcome the river currents in while rafting in groups of five people or more, or navigate the waves in a kayak. While touring the exhilarating waters of our rivers and their eddies, you’ll enjoy an totally natural world. If you prefer to ride the current in quieter rivers, you will be able to tour beautiful landscapes where you’ll have the chance to admire wild animals and lush forests that will enrapture you and make you feel like a part of them. You can also enjoy sea kayaking on our coast, where you’ll feel the exciting movement of the waves under a radiant sun, and you’ll get to see Costa Rican beaches with different colors of sand, surrounded by lush vegetation. You can also enjoy relaxing canoe trips through rivers, canals, lakes and wetlands in exquisitely beautiful natural environments. One of the activities that attracts the most tourist attention in Costa Rica is diving, whether on the water’s surface with a snorkel, or deep-sea diving with an oxygen tank. You’ll connect with a colorful underwater world, where you can see the spectacular whale shark, whitetip reef sharks (in the Isla del Coco*), manta rays, schools of different species, eels, lobsters, gorgeous coral formations and many more species.

Photo: Sunset surfing

Extreme action

For adventure tourism lovers, Costa Rica is a destination where emotions and adrenaline abound. Throughout the year and in most of the country, whether by water, land or air, you can choose from a variety of activities for the whole family, which usually take place in natural settings where memorable experiences come to life. The most important key to enjoying adventurous activities is safety. For this reason, Costa Rica seeks to ensure that adventure tourism companies are regulated and have operating permits of different government agencies. Because of the excellent attributes of adventure tourism in Costa Rica, some international media outlets have designated our country as being the best destination for adventure.

Photo: ACtivities in Costa Rica

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